Traditional Litho Printing

Although new technology has revolutionised all our lives in recent years, some traditional methods are still unsurpassed. With traditional Litho printing we can offer you a versatile, clear and low cost professional print job.
Lithographic printing is the more traditional method of printing where the image is first produced on to a number of different plates before being transferred on to the paper. Because there is extra time and cost involved in setting up these plates during the printing process, this option can work out more expensive than digital printing. However the quality of finish and range of choice lithographic printing offers is unrivalled.

Lithographic printing runs are ideal if you require:
  • larger print runs – 1,000 copies +.
Benefits of lithographic printing:
  • Most cost effective option for larger print runs (1,000+)
  • Superior print quality
  • Gives you greater choice in terms of paper, inks and finishes