FTP Server is set up for Your convenience. 

There are several ways to send files to us elecronically. Using Internet E-mail would be our first choice, provided the file is of a manageable size (less than 5MB). If the file is larger than email can handle, you may send it to us using any FTP client software.
Here are the instructions for using the High Quality Printing ftp site:

  • You can use any FTP client such as SmartFTP or any public FTP software.
  • Please advise us by email at info@highqualityprinting.ie and give advance notice by contacting anyone in customer service before sending files. After we receive your email we will send you the login information such as User ID, Password and Server Name.
  • Be sure to let us know your company name, your name, name of the project and contact information.
  • Please stuff or zip files, if possible before uploading to our ftp site.